Battleship Coding Contest

In this coding contest, you can playfully enhance your coding skills by building a computer player in a classical Battleship game. The efficiency of your player will be measured automatically and you can see how well it performs in comparison to players of other contestants.


We have three awesome prices for you! The winner chooses first.

3-Day Ticket for Basta!

DJI Mini 2

100$ GitHub Gift Card

Battleship Ranking

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When does it start? How long can I participate?

Currently, we are in training mode. You can develop players, you can upload them, they will be measured. On April 16th, 2021, the day of the Global Azure Austria 2021 event, all results will be reset. Registered players will not be deleted, but you must re-trigger a tournament in order to get measured and counted for the contest. The contest will close after approx. two weeks (on May 3rd, 2021).

Which languages and platforms are supported?

Technically, a player is web API. As practically all modern languages and platforms support building web APIs, you can choose freely. However, we have a helper library making it particularly simple to using C# and .NET. Similar libraries for other languages might be added in the next weeks.

Is this only for experienced developers?

No. Even if you are a beginner in the programming platform of your choice, you can participate. Building a player for the Battleship Coding Contest isn't complicated and our documentation contains step-by-step tutorials for various programming languages.

Which cloud environments are supported?

You can host your player locally on your dev machine or in any cloud environment reachable from the public internet.

Do I need a server that is online 24x7?

Absolutely not. You trigger Battleship tournaments whenever you want, we store your results, and your last result counts. Your player does not need to be continously available.

Where can I learn more?

Read more about how to write computer players for this coding contest in our Wiki. In case of questions or bugs, create a GitHub issue or post something in the #battleship-contest channel of our Discord server.

Terms and Conditions

Participating in this coding contest is 100% free. By registering, you agree to its terms and conditions (only available in German). Note that our our sponsor Microsoft Austria has made it possible to award the best coders of the contest with great prices. In return, they get the email addresses of participants and add them to their newsletter. You can always cancel your subscription if you don't like their newsletter.

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