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We are currently preparing the session content for Global Azure Austria 2023.

Global Azure is from the community, for the community. This is where you come in, dear speakers. GAA would not be possible without your great content and dedication. This year’s topic is:

Cloud Computing - What’s next?

We have chosen this motto because cloud computing has become the new normal in the last few years. Now we want to explore the near to mid-term future of cloud computing, particularly the Microsoft Azure cloud. Let’s discuss trends and innovations. Let us hear about exciting projects that you are currently working on. Share your thoughts on how cloud computing will shape the digital products of your organization in the upcoming years.


Here are some example topics, but don’t feel limited by them. If you have other great content ideas, tell us about them.

  • DevOps innovations (e.g. infrastructure-as-code, cloud automation)
  • Serverless cloud
  • What’s coming for developers in the cloud (e.g. innovations regarding container technologies, WebAssembly, new APIs)
  • AI in the cloud
  • Edge cloud, hybrid cloud, cloud computing in Austria
  • How are you going to make your cloud more secure?
  • Developments regarding your organization’s cloud strategies
  • Innovations in cloud-based data warehousing, data science, and machine learning
  • GAA is typically visited by a diverse set of people (e.g. professional developers, infrastructure specialists, data scientists, students, hobbyists, etc.). Therefore, we are looking for a * broad range of session topics, from beginner content to technical deep dives.

The session length at GAA will be 45 minutes.

If you are a first-time speaker and you want some mentoring from somebody who has given lots of sessions at conferences, contact us at Such mentoring can definitely be arranged and we would love for you to share your first conference speech at GAA 2023.

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The Global Azure Bootcamp Linz is organized by the Coding Club Linz e.V., Birkenweg 16, A-4060 Leonding. Contact us to get more information on sponsorship and speaking opportunities.

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