Global Azure Austria 2021

Let's explore Azure Bicep! ... and compare it to Hashicorp's Terraform

Friday, April 16, 2021 15:00 - 15:50 CEST

Recently I started to explore Azure and it’s tools to implement Infrastructure as Code (IaC). I use Terraform for years now, but sometimes it can be fun to break a habit ;-)

In this session we will take look into Azure Bicep and compare it to Hashicorp’s popular IaC tool Terraform. Chosing the right tool, that fits your needs is hard. So let’s take a look into both tools to see which one you can use in your next awesome project.

Additionally, we will we discover Bicep hands-on by implementing a simple static website using Azure Storage Account.

This session requires at least basic knowledge of Infrastructure as code, Terraform and Azure Resource Manager (ARM).

About Nora Schöner

Hi, I’m Nora and I’m a Developer having my head in the Cloud.

Nora Schöner, a German based Cloud Engineer, has been working in the tech industry since 2012. Among other things, she focuses on Cloud Computing and DevOps. You can find her mainly working with Amazon Web Services. Currently Nora works at CodeCamp:N, a Startup based in Nuremberg, providing and maintaining the infrastructure of one of the projects challenging digital personal provision. Since this year she shares her knowledge and experiences through her German tech blog In her free time she does crafting and draw some Manga. In sessions you mostly see her doing sketch notes.

Nora Schöner

Nora Schöner

Senior Software Engineer @ Codecamp:N